Volvo and Scania Spare Parts in India

Manufacturing and buying Volvo and Scania spare parts in india

We in Narmada Motors, have been exporting spare parts for both Indian and foreign-made trucks for almost a decade. Now that things are different and there are embargos and bans which prohibit the movement of goods, we are ready to work with companies looking to develop, manufacture, re-import or produce materials / spare parts for their trucks. We already have got companies who are interested to buy and manufacture spare parts for Volvo trucks, Scania Trucks, Benz trucks, and other models for their country.

We have proved to be the best manufacturers of spare parts in India for European brand Trucks such as Scania, Volvo, Benz, and MAN Trucks. We are the top dealer of European spare parts brands in India.

Narmada Motors can manufacture or export any type of commodity needed by clients from Germany, Russia, the USA, UK, UAE, AFRICA, and other countries without compromising its quality of it. It has grown as the best export house in India for Spare parts and other products.

 So, if you want to purchase spare parts for Volvo, Scania, or Benz in India, the USA, Russia, Germany, or Sweden then Narmada Motors is your best option.

India is a developing nation having its own potential in terms of Manufacturing and production. Having its own automobile market for both passenger as well as commercial vehicles means that it does not have to depend upon other countries for importing vehicles like trucks, tippers, dump trucks, buses, and other equipment. But with globalization and free trade policies, there was an exchange of Vehicle Units from other countries to India and vice-versa.

 This meant that Indian companies such as TATA Motors, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher, AMW, and Maruti started to sell their trucks, buses, trailer, Semi-Trailers, Multi Axle Trailers, service tanks, Dump Trucks, and Tippers to countries like Saudi Arab, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Ghana, Kenya, Russian Federation, Uganda, Mauritius, Zambia, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore, Russia, Seychelles and other European nations such as Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc. Models such as Tata Prima, Tata 2518, Tata 2516, Tata 1109, Tata 1613, Tata Signa, Tata Ultra, Ashok Leyland 2518, 2518 U Truck, Leyland Captain, Boss, 3116I, Neptune Engines, Mahindra Terra, TORRO, TRUXO, MT 25, Navistar, MT 31, Eicher Jumbo, Eicher Galaxy, Eicher Canter, Eicher 6015 pro, etc. are some of the famous models being imported from India to these nations.

 But at the same time countries like Germany, Russia, Poland, England, Sweden, South Korea, and China also started to sell their trucks and buses in India. Brands like Volvo, MAN Trucks, Iveco, ISUZU, Scania, and Daimler also started to sell their variants in India. These include VOLVO Fm Trucks, Volvo FH Trucks, Volvo FMX, Scania L-series, Scania P-series, Scania G-series, Scania R-series, Scania S-series, MAN CLA, etc. are some of the most popular ones in India.

 These models are somewhat similar to the models present in their home countries but modified as per the Indian needs. To suit the Indian working conditions some of the spare parts used in them are changed but the overall structure and almost 90% of the parts used remain unchanged. This is done to avoid a lack of spare parts due to modifications.

As India has its own automobile industry, it has its own self-reliant Automobile Spare Parts industry to support it. We have brands like Fleetguard, MICO Bosch, SETCO, ZF, Valeo, Meritor, RANE, TVs, Wabco, Knnor BREMSE, LUCAS, Minda, EATON, BorgWarner, Cummins, LUK, MAHLE, MANN Filters, HYVA, Donaldson, DANA-Spicer, Hendrickson, SACHS, SKF, ABC, etc. These brands are present globally as well as in India. All these brands manufacture quality spare parts such as Clutch Discs/Plates, Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Universal Joints, Propeller Shaft Components, and Electrical and Lighting products such as Head Lamps, Side Indicators, Bulbs, Gear Box Items, Synchro Rings, Synchro Cones, King Pin Kits, Bearings, Brake Shoes, Brake Linings, Leaf Springs, Pneumatic Cylinders, Tipping Cylinders, Steering Gear Boxes, Turbochargers, Starter Motors, Armatures, etc.

But due to the superior quality, the prices of these products are also high. Now comes the Great Indian manufacturing Industry which is almost not visible in broad daylight but is still there. It is working day and night and has been producing almost everything that is required for these vehicles. Whether it is a small bolt or the whole cabin, there are manufacturers spread across India that will produce it for you at a cost almost half what you will get from a dealership.

But this has to be also kept in mind that when you are going to lower the prices the quality will get lowered too. So, although these hidden gems will produce anything the quality is not the same. Generally, these Industries supply their manufactured spare parts to small companies/traders and spare parts dealers/retailers. These dealers, traders, retailers, or companies approach these manufacturers and ask them to manufacture their products up to a fixed quality level. So, if someone is looking to manufacture a good quality material, he can ask the manufacturer to increase the quality and he will do so. This is a convenient option for many traders who have to work with different markets some of which are only price based while some are quality based.


But have in mind they will produce anything for you as you want.

Now traditionally, these units were used to manufacture products for the brands which were only present in India such as TATA, Leyland, etc. because they were the most in demand.

But with the current global situation related to Russian Federation, European Union States, the USA, and other nations things have been quite complex. There has been a huge scarcity of many things including Computer Hardware, Airplane Parts, Pharmaceutical Devices/machines, hardware, etc. Automobile Spare parts are also one of them as companies from the Russian Federation used to purchase most of their spare parts from the European States such as Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Hungary. But due to the situation, it is now impossible to purchase anything from these countries.

If we talk about China, which does have a great manufacturing industry for almost everything you can think of, things are also not so great. Right now, both the USA and European Union want to decrease their dependency on products being imported from China. This is partly because of the geopolitical strategies being used by China to assert its dominance on the global level. But the quality of products coming out from the factories in China is also a root cause. Bad quality and MADE IN CHINA often go as synonyms.

Although there are portals like and which offer a very convenient way of ordering anything you can imagine, there is hardly any system to control the quality being sold there.

It has only been almost a month since leaders from G7 Countries in Bavaria, Germany decided to mobilize $200 billion to tackle China’s Non-transparent Trade Policies. All of these show the resentment USA and European Countries have started to develop slowly.

 Now comes India, a nation that has been a friend or tried to be friendly to almost every other nation except one or two. It has good relations with Europe, Russia as well as the USA. This is because it has tried to be neutral in situations that involve two countries. India believes in sovereignty for not only herself but for others also.

 So, due to the current situation, people from different nations have started to prefer India as their manufacturing unit.

Narmada Motors work with a group of manufacturers who are completely able to manufacture all types of automobile spare parts as we have manufacturers/Factories of filters in India, manufacturers/Factories of Clutch in India, manufacturers/Factories of Brake shoes in India, manufacturers/Factories of UJ Cross in India, manufacturers/Factories of Drums in India, manufacturers/Factories of Head Lamps in India, manufacturers/Factories of Oil Seals in India, manufacturers/Factories of Gear Box in India, manufacturers/Factories of Suspension in India, manufacturers/Factories of Leaf Springs in India, manufacturers/Factories of Differential in India, manufacturers/Factories of Bearings in India, etc. We have a team of professionals who work to control the quality so whatever is produced from these factories is up to the mark. We maintain strict testing policies and practices which allow us to control the quality of materials.