Online Hyva Dumper Tipper, Dump Truck and Bus Lorry Cummins Kirloskar Engine Parts in India

Addition to supplying spare parts to Construction Firms,we also supply spare parts to various Retail and Wholesale outlets across India and Outside it like South Africa,Kenya,Ghana,Bangladesh and all.The various vehicles in which we are currently supplying spare parts are Tata Sumo,Victa,Indigo,Indica,Nano,Safari,Sumo Gold,Ford Figo,Mahindra Bolero,Tata Ace, 207 DI RX and Ex,Tata Xenon,Tata Super ACE,Tata Winger ,Tata 407 ,Tata 709 ,Tata 712,Tata 909,Tata 912EX BSII,Tata 1109EX,Tata 1112 ,Tata 1510 bus,Tata 1512 bus,Tata 1612 truck,Tata 1613 trucks,Tata 1616 tippers,Tata 1618 bus,Tata 2515 trucks,Tata 2516 tippers /hyva,Tata 2518 hyva’,Tata 2518 trucks,Tata 2518 HD tippers,Tata 3118 trucks,Tata 3118 tippers,Tata 3516 trailer,Tata 4018 trailer,Tata 4928 trailer,Tata 2523 Novus,Ashok Leyland Ashok Leyland buses,Ashok Leyland Viking ,Ashok Leyland HAULAGE,Ashok Leyland tippers,Ashok Leyland trailer,Ashok Leyland trucks ,AMW bus and tipperss,Ashok Leyland Eicher buses,Ashok Leyland truckss,Ashok Leyland trailer ,Ashok Leyland Spare Parts.

In addition to the Indian make Vehicles ,we also have a wide range of spare parts for Foreign made Vehicles and Earthmovers such as Volvo,Renault,Man, Daimler Chrysler,Mercedes Benz,Iveco,L&T,HItachi,Komatsu,Ace etc.

Our European Truck and Tipper Range for Spare Parts Consists of


2x Mercedes Actros 4144
Mercedes Arocs 8X8 Tipper
Mercedes-Benz Atego Tipper
Volkswagen Constellation (25-390) Tractor Truck 3axle
Iveco Trakker 410
Mercedes-Benz Axor MERCEDES BENZ 3240 8 X 4
Mercedes-Benz Arocs Mixer Truck
Mercedes-Benz Actros Tractor Trailer 2-axis
VOLVO FL L 220 –
Iveco Trakker Tipper Truck
Volvo FMX 6×4 Tipper Dump Truck
VOLVO FM12.380 8X4
Volvo FM 480 Tipper
Volvo FH Tractor
Volvo FMX 3-way tipper truck
Renault Lander 8×4 Tipper
Renault kerax 450 dxi tipper
Renault K 440 8×4
Renault Premium 8×4 R410.32 DXI
Renault Trucks K COMFORT Euro 6
MAN CLA 31.280 8×4
MAN CLA 25.220 6×4
MAN CLA 16.220 4×2
MAN CLA 16.220 4×2
MAN CLA 25.280 6×4
MAN CLA 25.280 6×4
MAN CLA 31.280 8×4
MAN CLA 31.280 8×4
Bharat Benz 1623 / 2523 / 3123 / 3128 / 3723 / 4928
Daimler 25T Tipper
Scania P 410 EXCON
Scania P380 8×4 tipper
Scania P380 8 Wheel Tipper
Scania G420 8×4 Tipper
Scania R500 8×4
 Scania 112 360 tipper
Smart Euro 6 DAF Tipper
 DAF CF 85 85.460 Truck
DAF CF85.410 6×4
DAF CF 85 340 8 X 4

Following are the Earth Mover Brands we have  currently Spares Stocks for:-


Volvo EC200 Excavators Volvo EC290 Excavators Volvo EC360B PRIME Excavators
Volvo EC230 Excavators Volvo EC340 Excavators Volvo EC460B PRIME Excavators
Volvo EC230B Excavators Volvo EC360 Excavators Volvo Hauler A40
Volvo EC300 Excavators Volvo EC390 Excavators Volvo Hauler A20 6X6
Volvo EC420 Excavators Volvo EC450 Excavators Volvo Hauler A25 4X4
Volvo EC450 Excavators Volvo EC460 Excavators Volvo Hauler 25C 6X6
Volvo EC620 Excavators Volvo EC650 Excavators Volvo Hauler A30C
Volvo EC620ME Excavators Volvo EC650ME Excavators Volvo Hauler A35C
Volvo EC650 Excavators Volvo EC135B Excavators Volvo Hauler A25D 4X4
Volvo 6EC50ME Excavators Volvo EC140B Excavators Volvo Hauler A25D 4X4 D9
Volvo 2H50D Volvo EC160B Excavators Volvo Hauler A25D 6X6 D10
Volvo H25D FS Volvo EC180B Excavators Volvo Hauler A25D 6X6 D9
Volvo H25C Excavators Volvo EC210B Excavators Volvo Hauler A30D D10
Volvo EC240C Excavators Volvo EC230B Excavators Volvo Hauler A40D
Volvo EC290C Excavators Volvo EC240B Excavators Volvo Hauler 35D
Volvo EC330C Excavators Volvo EC290B Excavators Volvo Hauler T450D
Volvo EC80D Excavators Volvo EC330B Excavators Volvo Hauler A25E
Volvo EC140 Excavators Volvo EC36.B Excavators Volvo Hauler 25E 4X4
Volvo EC150 Excavators Volvo EC460B Excavators Volvo Hauler A30E
Volvo EC160 Excavators Volvo EC700B Excavators Volvo EC210 Excavators
Volvo EC200 Excavators Volvo EC160B Excavators PRIME Volvo EC240 Excavators
Volvo EC180 PRIME  Excavators Volvo EC200B PRIME Excavators Volvo EC290B PRIME Excavators
Volvo EC280 Excavators    

We also provide a favorable payment criteria which suits and helps to nurture business relations .Addition to it ,we also look forward to share the Freight charges which hamper the cost of Resale of Such Exported Products.

For Any query of spare parts for Retail or wholesale in or outside India please send queries at .


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