lubrication system in automobile

What is Lubrication System?

Lubricate is the liquid utilized to relieve friction by forming thin support between moving parts.

When two metallic surfaces beneath direct touch roll over each other, they produce friction which causes heat This causes extreme wear and rip off those touching parts. However, when a flick of lubricating subject divides them from each other, they do not reach in material connection with each other. Thus, lubrication is a procedure that divides the moving parts by supplying a discharge of a lubricating substance between them. The lubricant could be liquid, gas, or solid. However, the engine lubrication system mainly uses liquid lubricants.

Lubrication is practically in motor vehicle maintenance. To supply lubrication oil between the moving parts is easily termed lubrication. Lubrication system in automobile is required to decrease conflict, model and to prevent breakdown.

Lubrication should be done properly and the right type of lubrication should be used. Improper lubrication of the engine will cause serious trouble such as scored cylinders, soiled spark plugs, dull or burned-out bearings, misfiring cylinders, etc.

Types of engine lubrication system:

Following are the 6 main types of lubrication system in automobile:

  1. Petrol system
  2. Splash system
  3. Pressure system
  4. Semi-pressure system
  5. Dry sump system
  6. Wet sump system