In Narmada Motors ,we are always looking for opportunities to not only grow our business to new horizons but to also help other having interest and enthusiasm to grow with is.Our approach crosses Geographical boundaries covering not only India but foreign countries too.

We have derived many type of Business Models which can help interested parties to tap the  market potential of their state or locality easily without worrying much about expenses.

The global spare parts logistics market by automobile sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of above 6% during the foreseen period. The growth of this segment is mainly due to the improving economic situation and change in lifestyle together with rising consumer confidence. The low auto loan rates in the developed and developing countries are also influencing automotive sales positively. MNC automobile manufacturers like Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Toyota Motors, Honda Motors, Daimler, Fiat, and Tata Motors have made substantial investments in production facilities in developing countries including India, Thailand, and Mexico


Anyone from around the globe(Entrepreneurs ,Business men ,Existing Retailers,Students ,Group of Interested People ,Unemployed People or Anyone willing to grow) who is willing to work in this lucrative Auto mobile Spare part Sector with us can contact and tap the opportunities present in this sector.

Following are a few business models we can work with our partners :-

  • Franchise Based Model
  • Agency Based Model
  • Partnership Based Model
  • Commission Based Model
  • Depot Based Model
  • MICRO Based Model
  • TAG Based Model
  • Agent Based Model

Each Model has it’s own utilization ,Revenue models ,Business Model and Division of Profit systems  etc.Interested Organisations ,Firms ,Companies or people can mail us their views and ideas about it and jointly decide which business model suits them and briefly describe it to them.

Kindly Contact us via below mentioned medium .

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